Looking for a Gift? Try Something Different!

Looking for a special gift? You want something that shouts, “I am not from a big box store!” Try an Emmick Sisters Creation. We have beutiful and unique gifts for every personality. When you purchase an Emmick Sisters Creation, you get beautiful, one of a kind gifts that are personally made in the USA by our own Emmick Sisters hands.

All our pieces are limited editions, and each piece has it’s own personality, so you are sure to get something unique! Custom creations are also available. Color, shape, size and material can be special ordered so you get exactly what you were looking for!

At Emmick Sisters Creations we specialize in beautiful hand made things, such as sweet smelling soap, crystal wedding headpieces, and super soft hats and scarves. We also create abstract art pieces and foil sculptures, one of a kind lip balm, and custom poetry printed on beautiful scenic backgrounds.

Website, Facebook page and printing place coming soon! Check back for our latest, limited edition creations!